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Klark Kent / Stewart Copeland Klark Kent (Deluxe 2CD)

Ships from the UK

STEWART COPELAND’S KLARK KENT was the first solo project by a member of The Police. Beginning with a series of singles in 1978 and culminating in a 1980 self-titled debut album(recently reissued as a limited Record Store Day vinyl release), KLARK KENT’s innovative music has not been widely available since 1995’s Kollected Works. BMG’s comprehensive new collection KLARK KENT (available as a Deluxe 2CD set) features newly remastered versions of all the original non-album singles, the full 1980 self-titled album, plus 2 unreleased studio recordings.

Tracklist: DISC 1

  1. It’s Gonna Rain
  2. Don’t Care
  3. Away From Home
  4. Rich In A Ditch
  5. Grandelinquent
  6. Guerilla
  7. Old School
  8. Excesses
  9. Kinetic Ritual
  10. Thrills
  11. Office Girls
  12. Too Kool To Kalypso
  13. Stay Ready
  14. Strange Things Happen
  15. Love Lessons
  16. Yo Ho Ho
  17. Someone Else
  18. Office Talk


  1. Away From Home (Demo)
  2. Rich In A Ditch (Demo)
  3. Grandelinquent (Demo)
  4. Guerilla (Demo)
  5. My Old School (Demo)
  6. Excesses (Demo)
  7. Theme For Kinetic Ritual (Demo)
  8. Don’t Care (Demo)
  9. Thrills (Demo)
  10. Office Girls (Demo)
  11. Too Kool To Kalypso (Demo)
  12. Strange Things Happen (Demo)