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Klark Kent / Stewart Copeland Klark Kent (Deluxe 2LP)

Ships from the UK

STEWART COPELAND’S KLARK KENT was the first solo project by a member of The Police. Beginning with a series of singles in 1978 and culminating in a 1980 self-titled debut album(recently reissued as a limited Record Store Day vinyl release), KLARK KENT’s innovative music has not been widely available since 1995’s Kollected Works. BMG’s comprehensive new collection KLARK KENT(available as a Deluxe 2LP set) features newly remastered versions of all the original non-album singles, the full 1980 self-titled album, plus 2 unreleased studio recordings.

Tracklist: SIDE A

  1. It’s Gonna Rain
  2. Don’t Care
  3. Away From Home
  4. Rich In A Ditch
  5. Grandelinquent SIDE B
  6. Guerilla
  7. Old School
  8. Excesses
  9. Kinetic Ritual SIDE C
  10. Thrills
  11. Office Girls
  12. Too Kool To Kalypso
  13. Stay Ready
  14. Strange Things Happen SIDE D
  15. Love Lessons
  16. Yo Ho Ho
  17. Someone Else
  18. Office Talk